Could MLB Suspend San Francisco Giants OF Melky Cabrera for More Than 50 Games?

By Bryn Swartz

It was bad enough when San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera cost himself millions of dollars in a potential free agent contract when he was busted for PEDs.

But he’s made it worse for himself by attempting to create a fake website to cover his failed test.

According to The Washington Post, “his representatives attempted to explain the spike in his testosterone levels by hiring a “paid consultant” to acquire a Web site advertising a fake sports cream, as reported by the New York Daily News. Cabrera planned to claim he’d used the cream not knowing that it contained a banned substance. Both Major League Baseball and Food & Drug Administration criminal investigative agent Jeff Novitzky are reportedly investigating the situation.”

Major League Baseball used a team of six or seven investigators to uncover the plot, and it is possible that Cabrera would face further suspension by the league.

I don’t think the league will suspend Cabrera for more than 50 games. But I think they should.

As San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami puts it, Cabrera is “worse than guilty. And he’s worse than a deceiver. He’s a failed, guilty deceiver. How can anybody believe anything Cabrera says, or does, ever again?”

He is already out for the rest of the season, meaning the San Francisco Giants will have the difficult task of competing with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the NL West crown without their best hitter.

Cabrera is second in the NL with a .346 batting average this season but he could still win the league batting title if Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen, who is currently batting .354, drops below Cabrera. Cabrera would need 502 plate appearances to qualify for the batting title, meaning he would need just a single hitless at-bat added to his total to qualify.

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