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Mets, Santana Decide on a Couple More Starts

Here we go Mets fans.  Let the cycle of New York Mets rumors surrounding Johan Santana and his recent woes begin.  Santana will be shut down, he will not be shut down.  When is the right time to shut him down, or should we just let him drag himself further into the hall of shame of Mets pitchers?This is what the MLB 2012 season has become for your Metropolitans.

The meeting of the “minds” took place today between Manager Terry Collins, Pitching Coach Dan Warthen, GM Sandy Alderson, and I’m sure quite a few others, including Santana.  The result?  Santana will make his next start on Thursday against the Colorado Rockies at CitiField, and it is the opinion of Mets insiders such as Ed Coleman of WFAN-660 NY that he will be given at least a couple more starts.  But what happens if Santana goes out on Thursday and fails to get past the third inning and allows five runs?

Quite possibly, the Mets are looking for that one good start to end his season on a high note.  The only problem with that reasoning is that what if he never has it?  Should you take a chance with doing more harm then good to a pitcher coming off shoulder surgery that began pitching in the middle of December to prepare for opening day?  The questions are too many right now.  The only realistic option would be to just make a decision to shut him down and allow the team and its fans to get the most out of Santana in 2013.  I mean, you are talking about paying him $31million next year, and with the Mets luck you know the outcome of that.

This is going to be an interesting back and forth to follow the rest of the year.  One thing all Mets fans should be sure about: They need Santana for 2013, and it is hard to trust management to do the right thing now, after so many mistakes.


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