MLB Rumors: Nick Swisher Wants Jayson Werth Money This Winter

By Bryan Lutz

Even though the 2012 season is still happening, there are MLB Rumors circulating about the impending free agent class of 2013.

New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher is one of my favorite players in the game of baseball. I like him because he does everything I want a hitter to do; he gets on base, hits for power, takes pitches, and has some flexibility defensively. When the Chicago White Sox acquired Swisher in 2008, I felt like a giddy schoolboy who finally got a date with the girl he loved. However, Nick Swisher had his worst season ever in 2008 and was shipped to New York because Ozzie Guillen is a complete joke.

Since Swisher’s arrival in New York, he has been one of the most consistent hitters the Bombers have had. In his four seasons in the Bronx, Swisher has a slash-line of .267/.366/.485/.851, good for an OPS+ of  123.

The free agent class of 2013 is nothing compared to the class of 2012. It’s pretty much the equivalent of what the 80s meant to Austin Powers, an oil spill and a flock of seagulls. That’s about it. Offensively, the 2013 free agent class is Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn. That’s about it.  We saw a very similar scenario in 2011 when Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth were the two top dogs. Bourn and Swisher almost mirror Crawford and Werth talent wise, so why shouldn’t they want seven-year deals worth over $100 million dollars? Two wrongs don’t make a right, however. But that doesn’t stop the MLB Rumors spreading about Swisher wanting a “Jayson Werth” deal.

The Jayson Werth deal was crazy then and it’s even crazier now. It annoys me how much praise Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo receives for the team’s success. He fell into the two most sure-fire draft picks in Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper, he inherited a pretty good farm system, and signed Werth to the most ridiculous deal of all-time. Basically, the only good Rizzo has done is trading Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos and the Gio Gonzalez trade. Congrats.

Anyways, back on the topic at hand. Nick Swisher is a good baseball player, but it’s absolutely ridiculous of him or his agent to think he is worth even $80 million let alone $126 million.

This is the classic case of “Jimmy has a Playstation 3. Why can’t I get a Playstation 3”? Well, it’s because Jimmy’s parents are stupid and spoil the little brat, it doesn’t mean you automatically get one.

Is Nick Swisher worth $126 million?

Gee, lemme think. Uhhhhh, no.

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