Roger Clemens' Return: An Avoidance Or Assurance Of The Hall Of Fame?

By Mark Stringer

Roger Clemens is set to pitch his first game for the Sugar Land Skeeters on Saturday night. This will be the first time that the 50-year-old has taken the mound in almost five years when he played for the New York Yankees.

If all goes well for Clemens the rest of the season and he has several great starts, then he could easily be signed next season by an MLB team.

Clemens is set to appear on the Hall of Fame ballot going to voters later this year. If he plays in another major league game, his Hall of Fame consideration would be pushed back five years.

There are only two reasons I could see a 50-year-old Clemens coming back to play baseball:

1. Clemens could prove to his doubters that he can pitch at a high level without performance enhancing drugs and hopefully that would save his Hall of Fame chances.

2. Clemens can avoid the embarrassment of being denied the Hall of Fame later this year if he could find a way to appear in an MLB game this season.

I think that he is returning to prove that even at 50 years of age he doesn’t need any help by performance enhancing drugs to mow down batters at a high level. Whether he will be able to achieve this or not is still uncertain, but we will get a decent idea Saturday night.

I have a good feeling that plenty of highlights will be shown on ESPN and other various channels. This is something that you and I shouldn’t miss.


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