Toronto Blue Jays 3B Brett Lawrie's Rehab Halted Due To Setback

By Thom Tsang

When Toronto Blue Jays 3rd baseman Brett Lawrie injured his oblique, one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was that those tend to be slow-healing injuries, and if there was one player whose attitude doesn’t gel with slow-anything, it was probably going to be Lawrie. If anything, this was a player who was going to try and come back sooner than expected; so it was hardly a surprise when the 22-year old was a bit ahead of the curve, starting rehab games that would have lined him up for a 3-week turnaround from the strained oblique.

Not so fast, apparently:

That was later clarified by Lott to mean Monday, as Lawrie will have to sit out the next seven days based on rehab rules. More interestingly, it seems that Lawrie may not have been 100% accurate about his physical state when it came to reporting the injury and his progress in the rehab process to the Blue Jays’ training staff and doctors:

While the Blue Jays are still hopeful that Lawrie could still return to the team in September, it’s an indefinite timetable at this point; and as it is with setbacks go at this time of the season, the possibility of Lawrie being shut down for the rest of the season is definitely out there. It’s seems like a very Brett Lawrie-like thing to try to tough out an injury, but at this point, with the rehab shut down, one has to wonder just how many games did the sophomore risk by potentially withholding information about the injured oblique to the team? Wanting to return to the field too much could be a bad thing, I suppose.

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