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Will the New York Mets Ever Have a Plan?

Year two of the Super-Executive front office assembled by the New York Mets is now almost complete.  GM Sandy Alderson, Vice President of Player Development Paul DePodesta and Special Assistant to Alderson, J.P. Ricciardi were brought in with one goal in mind: To stabilize a bewildered and frustrated organization and help build for the future. There is one problem with the direction they are headed, though. Nobody seems to know what they’re doing, or what their plans are in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, Alderson and his crew do not need to reveal everything they do to the public.  But don’t you think that a general direction they see the team heading for the next two to three years is fair to ask?  Mets fans have no idea what they are thinking and it must be frustrating to spend you’re money for a product that is now one of the worst in MLB.

The first two years, we all knew were gimme years as they needed to get rid of some dead weight and produce some young talent.  But by 2013, more of their plan should be unveiled in order to get the fans back into the seats at CitiField.  How can you seriously go from press conference to press conference and keep avoiding the questions about the future of the Mets?  All fans want is some kind of hope.  Something that they can hold on to as they suffer through a miserable second half in which every aspect of the team has imploded with the lone exceptions of R.A. Dickey, and now the bright spot that is Matt Harvey.

It is now up to this threesome of intelligent executives to stand at the podium and tell us definitively that yes, the Mets will spend money on the right pieces in 2013, or no, we will not spend until 2014 or beyond.  All anyone wants is the truth.  The New York fans are too smart for the run around and deserve more for putting up with the poor spending of the past. Will the front office finally decide to give the fan base an inkling of a direction and a faint glimmer of hope?  For the fans and for David Wright, I sure as heck hope so.


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