MLB Rumors: Is Adrian Gonzalez on the Trade Block?

By gilgerard

With MLB Rumors continuing to swirl around management for the Boston Red Sox, how about this for a rumor? The Red Sox have put Adrian Gonzalez through waivers, and that could certainly mean he’s available. Gonzalez has been nothing short of disappointing this year for the Red Sox, so I could absolutely see why they would want to trade this guy as he’s owed $126 million over the next six years.

I don’t know if I would make this move just yet. The Red Sox would have to be WOW’d to make this kind of trade, and frankly I don’t know if anyone will give them the value Gonzalez once carried. There are obviously teams out there that need a first basemen of this caliber, but how many are willing to give up the farm, plus pay $126 million over six years? Probably not many.

If I had to guess, Gonzalez stays as the Red Sox first basemen for a few reasons. They don’t have to trade this guy and they don’t have a first basemen to take his place ready in his place. That’s typically a problem when there’s talks of trading a guy who’s supposed to be the cornerstone.

Look, this season hasn’t gone the Red Sox’s way. That will happen in baseball. Gonzalez had a down year: it happens. This is a good hitter and I think he’s going to return to form sooner rather than later.

We’ll see what happens, but I expect Gonzalez to remain a major part of the Red Sox.

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