MLB Trade Rumors: Could The Padres Trade Edinson Volquez To The New York Yankees?

By gilgerard

MLB Trade Rumors are definitely going to swirl after the New York Yankees put Ivan Nova on the DL with a shoulder problem. That means the Yankees are certainly going to be in the market for a starting pitcher before the wavier wire trade period ends. Could this mean the Yankees will target Edinson Volquez from the San Diego Padres?

I think this could actually be a good match. Volquez hasn’t been the same this year as I’ve said before, but he’s still a young kid, and the Yankees have one of the best pitching coaches in the league to help the development period. Volquez would solidify the rotation heading into October, and he has the stuff to be the lights out 2-3 starter behind CC Sabathia. He’s new to the AL East, so I would actually give him the edge at this point against all AL competition.

I think the Yankees have to make a move, and the Padres should absolutely focus on their farm system. Even though they’re putting together an awesome system, there’s no reason to ignore another big trade just in case some of their own don’t pan out.

If the Yankees got Volquez, I would say they’re in good shape heading into October. If the Padres got a good package for Volquez, I would say they’re ready to make a run in a few years with all the young talent.

This trade actually makes a ton of sense to me, and can see why there could be a ton of steam on these kinds of MLB Rumors.

We’ll see what happens over the next week, but I think the Padres phone could be getting very busy over the next few days.

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