MLB Trade Rumors: Who Will Trade For Joe Saunders?

By gilgerard

The Arizona Diamondbacks are hanging around right now in the playoff chase, but they seem to have a ton of young pitching they’re ready to run with. MLB Trade Rumors are flying around Joe Saunders right now, as there seems to be several teams ready to deal for this left handed pitcher.

With the New York Yankees having a ton of problems due to injuries they seem to be one heck of a fit for him. I’m not sure they’ll pull the trigger on an average arm, but you never know.

I think the Diamondbacks are playing this really well. They’re going to be giving their young talented pitchers the playoff chase, which should help hugely in the development phase for them. They should be ready to roll in terms of next year and beyond because they’re going to have to grow up a bit. Joe Saunders is a professional, but let’s face it…he’s not the future, nor the answer. If the Diamondbacks can get his contract off the books, while adding a young prospect or two, I think would be an outstanding move.

The Yankees aren’t the only team around that needs pitching. I could see the Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves, and Washington Nationals make moves on him just to give them the professional depth they need in September.

Any team that trades for Saunders should be in a better spot, but I don’t think they should be expected a crazy difference maker.

If I had to put one team on a trade? I’d say the Washington Nationals are the team that will need him the most, as they’re preparing to shut down Stephen Strasburg for the year. I think they need him the most

We’ll see what more MLB Rumors will bring to the table, but I expect Joe Saunders to be a very popular name over the next several days. We’ll see if the Diamondbacks pull the trigger.


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