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MLB Trade Rumors: Will The Red Sox Deal Josh Beckett This Year?

Josh Beckett has cleared waivers, and according to a ton of MLB Rumors, the market for him is lukewarm. However, including to several other MLB Trade Rumors, the  Boston Red Sox would love to get rid of him this year, and let him become the headache he’s become for another organization. He has cleared waivers so that means the Red Sox could trade him to any team that wants him.

Look- I’ve never been a Josh Beckett fan, and I think it would be wise to get rid of him while they can. Heck, I’d send him to the New York Yankees if they came calling and wouldn’t care about the effects that had on anyone. The Red Sox won’t be in the postseason this year so it frankly doesn’t matter. Of course the New York Yankees will be, and Ivan Nova just hit the DL with a shoulder strain so their absolutely in the market for a starting pitcher. If they’re willing to pay for Beckett, why not?

Beckett has been nothing more than a headache, and a mediocre arm this year. He’s gotten out of shape, and I 100% question his want to play this game at a high level. He’s been “hurt” and “banged up” all year, and though I won’t accuse him of faking it, I will accuse him of not going all out.

It’s a shame too because this guy had a cannon. I remember watching him in the 2003 postseason when he was with the now Miami Marlins, as he destroyed the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS. I always thought he had the stuff to become a cy young winner every year, but I guess it’s true what they say. Sometimes the physical tools don’t outweigh the mental.

We’ll see what happens, but if I were Boston? I’d trade him as fast as humanly possible.