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Boston Red Sox / Los Angeles Dodgers Blockbuster: Timeline & Reactions From The Twitterverse

Well friends, today was just one of those days. We’ve laughed…and then laughed again in disbelief, then shared witty (or at least attempts to be) comments on this supposedly pending August blockbuster between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. Despite both Adrian Gonzalez and James Loney being scratched for tonight’s games, the rumored deal hasn’t quite materialized yet, so more reactions are almost certainly on its way; still, let’s look back for a moment, and revisit how this whole thing unfolded through the Twitterverse, yes?

As with most things of this magnitude in sports, the story starts simply, with news of the Dodger’s successful – if not somewhat surprising – waiver claim of Gonzalez:

Okay, no big, every player is place on waivers around this time these days, and the teams usually just pull them back if claimed…right? Jim Bowden of ESPN then attempted to clarified what that was all about, with the answer being fairly emphatic:

…but, was it?

At this point, you could probably say the AGonz trade alert level was still just somewhere between “low” and “guarded”. Things soon got real though, with the news that not only Gonzalez had been claimed, but the $15.75 million albatross known as Josh Beckett too. Cue the fried chicken jokes:

With no other legitimate reason for the Dodgers to claim Josh Beckett other than it being linked to their apparent pursuit of Gonzalez, the word quickly spread that the teams were in fact serious about putting off a shocking August blockbuster that would provide the Red Sox with salary relief and prospect, and the Dodgers with Gonzalez:

As if that wasn’t quite enough to get folks riled up, the rumor soon added more names to it, as though the Dodgers weren’t content to just go after Gonzalez. No, they wanted the Red Sox roster in general. I was particularly fond of my own internet meme-referencing tweet on this. Not to toot my own horn or anything. Okay, I’m lying…but anyway:

…the inclusion of Nick Punto was perhaps the most surprising, and as you might imagine – it wound up the subject of more 140-character jokes from the Twitterverse:

Once the dust settled around the Nick Punto jokes, most of us probably went into waiting mode because well, as far as we knew, Gonzalez & co. were going to the Dodgers for…what exactly? Red Sox beat writer Pete Abraham has an idea:

So we all waited, while minor detailed trickled out, like Carl Crawford‘s supposedly-not-an-issue no-trade list. Still, there was no dodging (sorry, had to) the potential impact of this deal, with at least one fan apparently losing their mind:

All this for a deal that hasn’t even been made official yet! Imagine how many more Nick Punto jokes there’ll be once it’s official! Until then, folks.