MLB Rumors: Is It Time For The Royals To Call Up Wil Myers?

The Kansas City Royals have a mashing prospect in AAA right now. Wil Myers has absolutely dominated AA and AAA, hitting .311 with 35 homers and 101 RBI’s. MLB Rumors are starting to swirl that the Royals plan on calling Myers up in September. I can’t believe they haven’t done it yet, as this guy is the real deal.

The Royals were supposed to be in the running for a division crown this year, but their kids haven’t turned out to be as good as advertised. Eric Hosmer has really struggled this year, and their starting rotation has been downright bad. I understand they’ve had some injury problems, but I think it’s time to see if Wil Myers can help this team right now, and maybe build some momentum heading into 2013.

After the year Myers has put up, how in the heck can you leave him AAA? It’s not like he has anything to prove down there. Maybe they want to see him hit 40 homers before they call him up? I mean come on- this isn’t that hard. You trade Jeff Francoeur to a team that needs a bat, and you call Myers up to take his spot. Not tough.

I can’t see Royals fans being happy with Myers being kept in AAA after destroying everything in his way in the minors, and I suspect their going to agree with me here: it’s time to call up Wil Myers and let him play.

If Eric Hosmer can come back strong, a Hosmer, Myers, Mike Moustakas middle of the order would be pretty tough in the american league.

We’ll see what happens, but hopefully this happens now.

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  • glp

    Myers plays for the AAA Omaha Storm Chasers, who have already clinched a playoff spot. The Royals have said that he will stay there at least as long as Omaha remains in the playoffs. Omaha’s playoff run last year ended on September 18. I wouldn’t count on seeing Myers any time soon, if at all this year.

    • gilgerard

      And I think that’s a big mistake. Experience now will pay off next year- instead of him walking in as a rookie.

      Minor league playoffs don’t matter as much…that shouldn’t be the ultimate goal.

  • code

    This is typical royals Dayton Moore crap look at mike trout he played last year didn’t have a great start with them but look at him now we need Myers up here in Kansas city now and he needs to start tomorrows game if they are really want a great franchise and a championship team they will call him upalong with ordize ( I dont know how to spell hisname he’s a pitcher lol )

    • gilgerard

      i agree. Thanks for commenting.