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MLB Rumors: Potential Trade With Dodgers A Huge Win For Red Sox

At some point tonight, it looks like we will witness, officially, one of the largest (if not the largest) trades in the history of Major League Baseball.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox appear set to make a massive trade involving some of the game’s highest paid players on one side, and some of the top young prospects in baseball on the other.

The Red Sox, in the midst of an incredibly disappointing season that looks to be signalling a rebuild, as well as an eventual managerial change, will be surrendering three of the biggest contracts in baseball: Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, and Josh Beckett would all be headed to Hollywood.

From a Dodger standpoint, it has the potential to be a great deal. I’m not a fan of the way they’ve spent money so far this season since getting their ownership situation settled, but if it brings a World Series, then trading for as many high-profile players as they have this season would have obviously paid off.

But on the Red Sox side of things, they could end up being the true winners of the deal.

First, you have to look at the amount of money they’d be shedding. Between Gonzalez, Crawford, and Beckett the team would be getting rid of over $260 million in salary. That’s incredible. When you add in the potential talent they could acquire in such a deal, it looks like an even nicer deal for Boston.

Rubby De La Rosa is believed to be the centerpiece of the deal, with James Loney and Jerry Sands also headed back to the Red Sox in the trade. One more top prospect is also likely to be included, though that has yet to be determined.

There are still plenty of kinks to work out with the trade, such as that final prospect and Josh Beckett’s 10-and-5 rights, but this looks like a trade that is going to happen eventually. It could pay off in a big way for LA within the next couple of months, but this could be a strong move for the Red Sox, in the long term.