MLB Rumors: Will The White Sox Pick Up Kevin Youkilis' Option?

With Kevin Youkilis coming over in a trade with the Boston Red Sox, and doing everything the Chicago White Sox could have ever wanted, a major decision looms this offseason for White Sox GM Kenny Williams. MLB Rumors are starting to fly around the White Sox leaning towards picking up the 13 million dollar option, and I actually support that move.

Look, Brent Morel isn’t going to be anything special and the White Sox don’t seem to have a replacement right now to play third. Why in the heck wouldn’t you pick up the 13 million dollar option after seeing how good Youkilis has been? It only makes sense to keep him hitting in front of Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn at this point, and it should come in handy.

Youkilis can still hit, and he’s still a decent defender. He’s a little more injury prone but who isn’t at this stage in their career? I believe the cons do NOT outweigh the pros in this case, and I think the Sox should definitely pick up the option. If things go south for the southsiders next year, Youk will be a viable option for teams at the trade deadline, so the Sox are almost in a win win here.

If they choose not to pick up the option, Youk will have a ton of suitors on the market, and I’m sure he’ll get a very decent deal.

As a Sox fan, what would you do? Bring back the guy at 13 million hitting .240 with 15 homers and 48 RBI’s? Do you let him spread his wings and fly?

I guess we’ll find out what the White Sox have in store, won’t we?