MLB Trade Rumors: Boston Red Sox Considering Blockbuster Trade to Unload Carl Crawford?

By Dan Parzych

Baseball fans are trying to piece together the reasons behind the Boston Red Sox as they consider a blockbuster trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers that would include Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto. This type of idea may seem crazy at first, but it appears the Red Sox may have a reason behind trading so many players at this point in the regular season.

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There you go folks–the reason behind this type of deal means the Red Sox could unload Crawford and Beckett now.

It would be no surprise to see Boston consider this move considering the Crawford is finishing up his second year of a hefty seven-year, $142 million contract that he signed in 2011 and will miss the remainder of the 2012 season due to Tommy John surgery. Even if he does make it back before spring training, there’s no guarantee Crawford will return to the elite level the Red Sox are used to seeing from their left fielder for the start of the regular season.

Take this into consideration with the $31.5 million Beckett is scheduled to make over the next two years following the 2012 season–it’s no surprise to see Boston discuss making this deal happen with Los Angeles. If they pass on a chance to unload Crawford and Beckett now, they may not receive another chance to do it again down the road if things don’t work out down the road.

Crawford and Beckett’s contracts may be hefty, but a deal like this could give the Dodgers a major boost when it comes to overtaking the San Francisco Giants in the NL West.

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