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MLB Trade Rumors: Diamondbacks Still Plan On Trying To Trade Justin Upton?

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What’s better than some good MLB Trade Rumors right? Well, this is a good one. The Arizona Diamondbacks supposedly still plan on trying to trade big hitter Justin Upton this offseason, and will look to maximize value. This year, Upton has taken a few steps back in terms of production, but is still one of the best young hitters in all of baseball. The guy is uber talented, and frankly- I think it would be nuts to trade him, but guess what- I don’t run the team so I don’t have any say in the matter.

This year, Justin Upton is putting up a slash line of:  .279/.356/.753 to go with only 9 homers and 49 RBI’s. Coming off the 31 homer season last year, the Dbacks were expecting a pretty monster season, and envisioned Upton leading the charge offensively. It hasn’t turned out that way unfortunately, and it looks like the Diamondbacks are becoming impatient with Upton after giving him a large contract extension.

I can actually see both sides to this coin. Upton has a TON of trade value, a bigger contract, and under performed. Why wouldn’t you want to trade someone like that if you were Arizona? I can also see why you chalk this up to a down year, and hope (based on his age and talent) he comes back to where he was after a good hard offseason of training.

What would I do? Well I believe no one is “untouchable” if the price were right. However, I better get HUGE value if I even consider trading a guy like Upton. It’s not impossible but I would have to be “wowed.” How can you say he’s untouchable after the year he’s had? You can’t- it’s impossible. If the Diamondbacks can get better trading him- I trade him. If a team doesn’t match my demand, I hold on to him because I don’t need to trade him.

What do you think the Diamondbacks will do this offseason? What would you do in the position?

We’ll see what happens, but it could be an awesome offseason filled with all sorts of MLB Trade Rumors, and I look forward to being in the middle of it.

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