MLB Trade Rumors: Dodgers And Red Sox Agree To Blockbuster Trade?

By gilgerard

It sure looks like the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers have agreed to one of the craziest blockbuster trades I’ve ever seen, if the latest MLB trade rumors pan out. It looks like the Dodgers have acquired Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto for James Loney and other players that we have not confirmed yet.

I’m stunned. I can’t believe this is actually taking place. Why in the heck would the Red Sox want to trade Adrian Gonzalez? The other guys yes, but not Adrian.

It’s clear the Red Sox front office have backed Bobby Valentine on all the problems the team has had with it’s personal, and I believe this is nothing but a message sender to the rest of the organization. Did the lack of players showing up for a funeral of a Red Sox legend break the camels back in this case?

The Red Sox are clearly blowing this up, and will lose 260 million dollars or so in the deal off the payroll, and the Dodgers are now completely stacked for the postseason run. Sticking Gonzo in the middle of Hanley Ramirez and Matt Kemp? Holy cow. That’s crazy.

I mean look, all reports surfacing say Gonzalez is added because the Dodgers are willing to eat the salaries of Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett. Right, wrong, or in different. This is an outstanding move for the Dodgers and even the Red Sox in that theory. Giving up Gonzalez? Incredibly crazy- in a bad way. You don’t trade that guy- period.  I still can’t believe this is going down.

We’ll continue to update you on this developing story, but Adrian Gonzalez and James Loney have been scratched by their teams, so it seems clear that this monster trade is about to go down officially.


UPDATE: Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford have not waived their trade clauses, however neither are expected to block this trade.

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