New York Bust: Jason Bay

By Jon Perez

After starting a new series New York Bust it wouldn’t be long before Jason Bay’s name was thrown into the category and his own place high atop the New York Bust Hall of Shame.

Bay signed with the New York Mets in January 2010 and was supposed to provide the Mets with the power hitting corner outfielder they so desperately needed. At the time general manager Omar Minaya opted for Bay instead of free-agent left fielder Matt Holliday who demanded double the money that was being offered to Bay. Holliday signed with the St. Louis Cardinals for 7 years/$126MM while Bay signed with the Mets for 4 years/$66MM.

At the time, Bay was coming off a career year with the Boston Red Sox and was proving critics wrong by performing in a big market and was ready to bring his talents to Flushing.

It was not meant to be, the left fielder struggled from day one and was easily intimidated by the great wall of Flushing in left field at Citi Field. In his first season Bay played 95 games and was hitting .259/.347/.402 with six home runs and 47 rbi before suffering a concussion in Los Angeles.

2011 was Bay’s banner year with the club, Bay was plagued by another concussion and played only 123 games hitting 12 home runs with 57 rbi.

And of course this season saw manager Terry Collins turn his left fielder into a platoon outfielder that only played against pitchers he’s had success against. This season Bay has 6 home runs 13 rbi and is hitting .148/.230/.277 with 47 strikeouts in 174 at bats.

Jason Bay is by far the worst signing in the history of the New York Mets, it wasn’t a bone head signing at the time beacuse Bay had tremendous upside but his last three years have been injury ridden, his lack of confidence at the plate has been brought with him to the field.

Bay has a vesting option in his contract of $17MM for 2014 but has a $3MM buyout. However that vesting option comes into play if Bay has 600 at bats in 2013 or has a combined 500 at bats in 2012 and 2013.

To throw around Bay’s stats is getting Bay off the hook, but his stats are a small clip of how terrible Jason Bay really is and a waste of time and money over the past three seasons.

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