New York Mets Have to Sell to David Wright Not Other Way Around

By Jon Perez

David Wright is having the best year of his career and has stated before that he wants to win a World Series more than anything else.

The negative, David Wright plays for the New York Mets. It has been rumored that Mets general manager Sandy Alderson wants to build a winner around David Wright but isn’t a general manager that normally hands out huge contracts.

The Mets hold a team option for David Wright and will likely pick up that $16MM option for the 2013 campaign and continue to negotiate his contract.

Earlier this season, Wright ceased contract talks with Mets ownership and didn’t want to create a distraction. Could that really be the reason? I think naught. The reason why David Wright ended contract negotiations during this year is because the Mets’ elderstatesman doesn’t see the Mets as a title contender in the near future and could be willing to explore the free agent market come next off season.

There are a couple of teams that could benefit from Wright’s services such as the division rival Atlanta Braves or the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Braves will be losing Chipper Jones and would love to have another franchise third baseman to fill those big shoes, and of course the Los Angeles Dodgers who are willing to spend more money than the New York Yankees in their hay day.

The Mets are two seasons away from being a season long contender and not just a first half fling.

The team needs to make a splash this off season if they want to keep their all star, their first priority to building a team around Wright would be to address the outfield. Notable free agents include Nick Swisher, Shane Victorino, and Michael Bourn.

Should the Mets sign one of the three and receive production from Lucas Duda next year, the team would have two adequate outfielders in their lineup, the second priority would be to address the bullpen, something that could easily be done starting with a closer, notable names would include Jonathan Broxton, Kyle Farnsworth, and even ex-Met Francisco Rodriguez.

The third priority would be at the back stop, is Josh Thole the answer? The team has 36 games left to figure if he is or if they should pursue a catcher this off season. The team might also opt to give Kelly Shoppach an extension for the time being.

The Mets are crashing to rock bottom and losing David Wright would put them at rock bottom, if the Mets want to keep David Wright it’s up to ownership and Sandy Alderson to realize that franchise third baseman don’t grow on trees, if the team wants to keep him, they’ll have to convince him.


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