MLB Trade Rumors: Jon Lester To Be Traded This Offseason?

By gilgerard

With the Boston Red Sox trading away half their team (or so it seems), I don’t believe they’re done trading from this current roster. Jon Lester has been incredibly sub-standard this year and has led the disappointing season. I’m actually a little surprised he wasn’t dealt already, but I guess they couldn’t trade everyone to the Los Angeles Dodgers ,right?

I don’t have any specific MLB Trade Rumors that are saying Lester will be traded, so I’m just going off on a gut instinct. I look at it like this. Lester is supposed to be the ace of the staff, and he hasn’t pitched or acted like it. If the Red Sox were trading Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Carl Crawford, why NOT trade Jon Lester at this point? We all know there’s going to be a big market for him as left handed pitchers with his resume are hard to find.

Who could trade for Jon Lester? I think a ton of teams could be in on him, as well as the Los Angeles Dodgers (again).

How about the Chicago Cubs? The Cubs lack top arms in their rotation and seriously need an anchor. The Ricketts family has money, so it’s not like their going to shy away from spending some on the right talent. Theo Epstein knows Lester as well as anyone, so it makes some sense. I don’t think the Cubs will have to pay the price we all think they’d have to pay, so I don’t think they would be OUT of any discussion.

Again, I’m just shooting for the moon here. I have no inside information that suggests the Red Sox and Cubs will discuss a trade, but I think it makes sense that you can make a case that Jon Lester can land in Chicago.

We’ll have to see where the Red Sox want to go with Jon Lester, but I do 100% believe he’ll end up being traded. We’ll see what happens.

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