Four Reasons Why the Boston Red Sox Should Not Go After Josh Hamilton

The Boston Red Sox traded away Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, Adrain Gonzalez, and Nick Punto not even three days ago. With over 250 million dollars in contracts coming off the books, and with a sub-par team on the field, there is a good chance the Red Sox will be very active in the free agent market this off-season.

One of the biggest free agents available is Texas Rangers‘ slugger, Josh Hamilton. Hamilton’s talents will be sought after, but here are four reasons why the Red Sox should not be one of the teams:

1. Past problems: It’s been well documented about Hamilton’s troubled past. Although he has changed his ways, and has remained clean, Hamilton has had some slip ups. Over this past off-season, Hamilton was at a bar drinking with teammate Ian Kinsler. This was not the first time he has relapsed,either. Texas is by no means a small market, but it is not Boston big. If Hamilton were to sign a big contract with the Red Sox, and he did  not live up to the money right away, the media would eat him apart. Which could push him back into his troubled past. Just ask Carl Crawford how easy it is to play in Boston when you struggle and have a big contract.

2. Bad contracts: Why would the Red Sox want to dig another hole and add another bad contract to their payroll? Hamilton has already stated he is not going to give the Rangers a hometown discount, and he feels he does not owe the Rangers anything. Being a former MVP, and one of the best hitters in baseball, Hamilton is going to be looking for a deal of over a 140 million and seven years. Already 31, why would the sox add a contract that will hurt them in five years?

3. More important needs: Hamilton is one of the leagues best hitters, no one can deny him that. But the Red Sox have other glaring holes. Like, their staring rotation. With Beckett now gone, the Sox have only three starters. Their rotation has been terrible all year and is their biggest issue. First base and some more relievers would be a good avenue to pursue before going after another outfielder.

4. Jacoby Ellsbury: Ellsbury is a free agent at the end of the season. Although injuries have plagued Ellsbury, when healthy, he among the best lead off hitters in the game. In 2011 when he hit .321 with 32 home runs and 105 RBIs, won a Gold Glove; a Sliver Slugger, and finished second in the MVP voiting; it shows that Ellsburry could be a smarter player to pursue. He is also on 28 and will come at a lot cheaper price than Hamilton will.

The Red Sox need to steer clear of this one. Just because you have money to spend, doesn’t mean go out there and add another huge contract right away after clearing the books. Hamilton is a great player, but is not the right fit for the Red Sox.

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