Luis Ayala Hits On Girl By Throwing A Ball With His Number On It

By Bryan Lutz

Luis Ayala has been a journeyman reliever throughout his whole career.  As a matter of fact, he’s been on five teams in the past five years, so it’s understandable that the guy could be a little lonely. Being a professional baseball player is a pretty good starting point to pick up a girl. Sort of like when George Costanza became a writer for a TV show; he finally had a good answer to “what do you do for a living”, but he was already engaged. Anyways, Ayala saw a girl in the crowd that caught her eye, causing him to act on impulse.

While Ayala was warming up in the bullpen, he threw a baseball to a woman he thought was cute. Nice gesture, sure. But the ball had his phone number and player number on the ball. Pretty smooth move if Ayala didn’t have a wife stuck in Mexico, or that this woman didn’t have a boyfriend.

Anyways, later in the week, the woman texted Ayala, with him finally responded. Here is the text conversation:

Lady: Is this how you hit on girls? Throw them baseballs with your number?
Ayala (assuming this was indeed his number): Helloooooooo
Lady: Why hello
Ayala: Sorry why u so mad
Lady: I’m not mad. I’m impressed with your pick up line. Most creative one I’ve seen yet
Ayala: Hahahahahah i want to make some friends sweety its bad to send u at baseball whit my number? Sorryyyyy
Lady: I’d like to be friends
Lady: Thank you for the ball
Ayala: My placer
Ayala: Ok .my new friend have good night i hope dont forget the number 38

It’s certainly a better effort than Oz from American Pie when he had the girl alone in his truck, but Ayala might be even lonelier if his wife finds out. Good luck in your future endeavors Mr. Luis Ayala.

Bryan is a featured writer for Rant Sports. Although he concentrates mostly on the game of baseball, you can find him covering things all over the Rant Sports Network.

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