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Collins, Mets Should Never “Settle” For Third Place

In another sad chapter that has become the 2012 MLB season for the New York Mets, it has now come down to unpredictable lows, even for this team. Terry Collins has let it be known that as September nears and his team readies for the offseason, finishing third in the NL East would be considered an accomplishment going into the off-season.  Let me get this straight.  Third would be an accomplishment?  Is Collins serious?

I do, as all Mets fans, understand this year has turned for the worse so rapidly that anywhere but last would be welcome.  But can Collins or anyone else in the organization honestly sit at a podium and say that they would be happy with that?  I am appalled and ashamed if their answer is yes.

Collins has begun to lose this team if he hasn’t already, and I have always been a supporter of him as a manager.  I liked when he was brought in because he has good baseball sense and can flat out manage a team.  However, my view is starting to change.  Once a manager, GM, or anyone in an organization begins to “settle” for anything less than the best, it all falls apart.

The biggest problem the Mets have had as a franchise has always been their lack of a solid foundation and winning attitude.  I was fooled, as were all Mets fans, into thinking that Sandy Alderson and Collins would begin to change that.  Mike Francessa, in his rant on WFAN-660 NY last week said it in a tone and a dialogue that none could ever match, but with a heightened truth.  Either Collins has quit, the team has quit on him, or both.  There is no winning attitude and it is almost impossible to determine where to find one at this point.

One thing the faithful Mets fans do not need, however, is for the manager, or anyone else for that matter, to stand in front of them and say they will be happy with third place as long as they finish ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies.  2012 has been difficult enough, and yes, there are bright spots going forward.  One thing we don’t want are for those bright spots to succeed somewhere else because of the lack of a winning tradition which has been embedded in Flushing.


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