Dear Sandy Alderson

By Jon Perez

This is a message to from all Mets fan to the head hancho.

Dear Sandy Alderson,

How much longer do we have to keep doing this? How long until us Mets fans can finally have something to smile about? Why should I believe your plan over anybody else?

It seems like forever since the team has been in the postseason. It feels like an eternity since the team was playing in meaningful games in months that start with the letters “A”, “S”, and “O”.

As I sit on my couch and watch Mets classics on SNY I can’t help but cringe at the sights of David Wright and Jose Reyes as young exciting players that were supposed to lead this team to the canyon of heroes. They were supposed to be this generation’s version of Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden (minus the drug abuse).

Before I go off on the Reyes tirade, I’ll save that for the end, the first problem I have with you is your uncertainty with the teams future. Us fans keep hearing that there is a plan in place, a direction. Where are we going? This team doesn’t even have an identity, this team’s identity is solid starting pitching that doesn’t receive any offense and has a bullpen that blows leads.

But it’s not the uncertainty of the direction, it’s the message that you send to the fans. I applaud the decision to shut down Johan Santana, but I don’t applaud the press conference in which you announced that you were putting Santana on the 15-day disabled list but don’t expect him to pitch the rest of the season. Well then why put him on the 15 day dl? Why not put him on the 60-day dl and call somebody up in his place.

It isn’t this press conference that really grinds my gears, it’s the complexity of the press conferences, you will announce a subject but not address what the team’s ultimate goal is. Where is this teams identity? Lead us to this “direction” will you? It’s ludicrous to believe that you will positively impact the team in the future without a set goal. The biggest move that you’ve made was hiring Terry Collins.

In two years as general manager, you’ve traded away Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez, and let Jose Reyes walk. Is the method addition by subtraction? It’s not like the team is absolved of all financial instability, unless that’s the plan. Is the plan to get rid of David Wright, Johan Santana and Jason Bay, all three who are the last big contracts from the Omar Minaya reign.

It’s a shame that the fan base doesn’t have a clue as to what is going to happen when it’s favorite team approaches the off season or trade deadline.

For the millionth time, what’s the identity of this team. This team has no pop, the only pop comes from David Wright and Ike Davis, the starting pitching is shoddy, Niese is the lone bright spot and Harvey is too young to officially judge. What will become of Zack Wheeler, is he really going to be a Dwight Gooden or Stephen Strasburg, who knows.

That’s the theme of the Alderson reign, who knows. This team is more of an embarrassment than the Omar Minaya dynasty, it seems that Omar’s teams were always one piece away from a title but wouldn’t address that need until a year later. In 2007, the team craved a starting pitcher, they acquired Johan Santana in 2008, In 2008 the team needed a closer, in the off season the team acquired Francisco Rodriguez. In 2009, the team needed a big bat to complement David Wright and Carlos Beltran, finally the team signed Jason Bay.

Now all of those acquisitions didn’t pan out, but at least Omar Minaya was proactive, he appeared as if he’s trying. The fan base doesn’t get that with Sandy Alderson. There is no way of knowing what steps you’re taking. This is a team that has no pop, speed, or pitching. It appears that Alderson isn’t even trying to stock up on one particular component of the team. There is no speed in the minors, one pitcher and no big bats. There has to be one objective that you’re approaching and opting not to release the insight.

With all of that set it’s time to vent about David Wright and Jose Reyes. David Wright and Jose Reyes are not run of the mill ball players, that are franchise type players that could help teams win championships in the upcoming years.

How dare you let Jose Reyes walk and not get anything in return. I get that Reyes’ demands were not feasible, but there is no reason to just let Jose Reyes walk, of course my entire letter is set on appeasing fans and fulfilling their thirst for future. I get that traded Reyes was risky in terms of attendance plummeting, but the San Francisco Giants were offering Madison Bumgarner, a young lefty that would’ve fit perfectly in the rotation.

If the goal is to build this team into a winner, why not trade Reyes? Now the franchise is stuck with Kevin Plawecki, a mediocre catcher with little upside. There is no hope with this team unless you are proactive this off season. It is time to create an identity, a time for fans to feel good about their team, you’ve had two years to fix this club and save money. Like they said in the classic “Let’s Go Mets Go” Let’s make the dream work.

There, I’m glad I got that off my chest.


Mets Fans Everywhere


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