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Joey Votto Headed to Dayton for Rehab Work

Cincinnati Reds’ fans have got to be salivating at the prospect of having their beloved and best player, Joey Votto, back in the Reds’ lineup.  Well get the Pavlovian dogs ready for action as Votto is going to Dayton to get some live action and hopefully return to the Reds when they move on to Houston this weekend.

For those of you who do not know, Joey Votto went on the DL back on July 16th, so he hasn’t played in a real game since the 15th.  As you could imagine, Votto is unsure as to what to expect in Dayton.  Before the Reds went on their road trip to take on the Arizona Diamondbacks on Sunday, Votto had this to say, “I’m a little apprehensive because I haven’t played in a long time. The work on the field has been good. I have a long way to go on my swing. The things that I’m uncomfortable about will come out when I play in Dayton.”

Having watched Joey Votto throughout his MLB career very carefully and from what those in the know have to say about him, there will be little “apprehension” when he steps on that field in Dayton tonight.  He is the definition of professional.

When Votto went down for surgery on his knee, he was 3rd in the league with a .342 BA, .465 OBP, 14 HR, 49 RBI, 36 2B and a blistering OBPS of 1.069.  He had carried the Reds throughout the first half of the season and left them 1 game ahead of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  They now stand 9 games ahead of those same teams, now faultering, Pirates and 6 games ahead of the charging St. Louis Cardinals.  The Reds will desperately need Votto’s services to hold off the Cardinals.  We all know what they are capable in the last month of the season.

Dusty Baker had this to say about Joey Votto’s return.  “We’re hoping he will be ready some time next weekend, if everything goes well.”

Let’s all hope that everything does go well.