Robin Ventura's Irresponsible Use of Brett Myers Brings Consequences

First off, I should preface the fact I like Robin Ventura. I think his prescence, along with the rest of the new coaching staff, has brought some new voices to some deaf ears this season. His calm, cool, and collective demeanor is refreshing after dealing with a village idiot for since 2004.

I’m willing to concede the notion that a manager’s impact isn’t tangible. No one really knows the psychological aspects a new manager brings to his players. Certaintly, Ventura has made a huge difference this season, but one thing has been driving me crazy lately: Ventura’s usage of Brett Myers.

Myers has been a solid acquisition for the Chicago White Sox; there’s no debating that fact. But thanks to his switch from starter to closer for the Houston Astros, Myers has a vesting option for $10 million if he finishes 45 games. Now, games finished (GF) is completely different than saves, which is basically why this clause was put into his contract in the first place.

A pitcher earns a GF for being the pitcher that records your team’s final out. Ergo, Myers can earn a GF even in a loss, kind of like last night’s game when he allowed the game-winning two-run home run to Nate McClouth in the 8th inning. Myers finished the 8th inning giving him his 37th GF of the season, only eight more before that $10 million option vests.

Unfortunately, Ventura seems to be oblivious to the whole situation. There have been a few times where he has let Myers complete a game when he shouldn’t have. Last night was just another example of Ventura’s irresponsible usage of Brett Myers.

The reason why this vesting option is so scary is because the Sox might have to say goodbye to Kevin Youkilis or Jake Peavy due to the payroll constraints Myers’ contract would bring.

Do you really want to say bye-bye to the idea of re-signing Youkilis or Peavy because Ventura likes Myers a little too much? I don’t think so.

The vesting option for Brett Myers is so scary that Twitter can’t even create the hashtag of #BrettMyersVestingOption because it has too many characters. Too many characters, too many games finished. Same thing.

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