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Cincinnati Reds: More Intemperate Thoughts

Last week, I pondered aloud about various topics concerning the Cincinnati Reds so far this season.  It was so well receieved, I thought I’d go with a part II of my intermperate thoughts.

-Todd Frazier – I said it last week and will say it again.  What a season this guy is having.  I see no way, short of some amazing finish by someone else, that he is not the NL Rookie of the Year.  He’s just getting better as the year progresses.  Look at his month of August – .340 BA, 6 HR, 25 RBI (.295, 18, 62 for the year).  I know it won’t happen, but I think you sit Drew Stubbs and work something out so that Frazier is in the lineup when Joey Votto returns.

-Speaking of Votto – The leader of the Cincinnati Reds is due back this weekend.  He went 0-1 in 5 innings with a walk in his return to live action in Dayton.  How good can the Reds be when he returns?

-Ryan Ludwick – One of the major reasons that the Cincinnati Reds have increased their lead in the division to 7 games, but, seriously, not every situation calls for a homerun swing.  There are times when you need to drive the ball or just put it in play.  He’s swinging for the fences every time up now.

-Can anyone say that Brandon Phillips didn’t deserve to be on the All-Star team this year?  Wait until he is batting in the more comfortable leadoff hitter spot.

-I’ll ask the same question about Johnny Cueto.  Can anyone say that Cueto didn’t deserve to be on the All-Star team this year?  All he’s done is go 17-6 (1st in the league), an ERA of 2.48 (1st in the league).  The Cincinnati Reds Ace even has 8 pick-offs, 8 caught stealing and has only been stolen on once.  Cy Young Award anyone?

-A major reason that Cueto just might not win the Cy Young Award issitting in the bullpen for the Cincinnati Reds.  Aroldis Chapman has saved 25 in a row, 33 total (2nd in the league), an ERA of 1.27, struck out 113 in 64 innings of work.  Even though the hitters are starting to figure him out and his strikeouts are down, his ERA in August is .68 (1 earned run allowed).

-Finally, the Cincinnati Reds are doing just fine against the lower tier teams this season; however, they must bring the same intensity with the contenders or they will be one and done in the playoffs.