MLB Rumors: Joe Mauer to Yankees?

By Rich Currao

Joe Mauer to the New York Yankees.  One of the greatest things about what I do is that I can think outside the box and beyond a team’s budget.  Of course I have to stay somewhat grounded within reality as no one really wants to read “sports fiction”.  But when it comes to imagining a “Joe Mauer to Yankees” blurb on the bottom line, it is not that far fetched.

On Wednesday the Minnesota Twins placed their crown jewel on waivers.  In fantasy baseball, he would be gone in minutes and the owner of the releasing team would be shot in the head; execution style.

However, this is not fantasy and no one, but the Twins, are on the hook for $23 million dollars per year through 2018.  So, who, if anyone, should put a claim in on Mauer?  Given recent MLB transactional events (See Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins, etc.), the only possible team able and willing to pay Mauer are the New York Yankees.  But, is the “Joe Mauer to Yankees” dream logical for the now cost-conscience Bronx juggernaut?

The current Yankee line up is old and in trouble.  Alex Rodriguez continues his time on the DL with a hand injury and is clearly not the middle-lineup threat he once was.  Catcher, Russell Martin, is STILL batting on the Interstate (.195) for the season.

Now, slugging first baseman, Mark Teixeira is dealing with a strained calf in a season that has been marred with injury.  When you consider his past post season ineptitude, it may not even matter if he is healthy.  That is a big left-handed bat out of the line up.

And what about the line up?  Well, it has too much Eric Chavez and Andrew Jones in it.  And WAY too much Jayson Nix and Chris Stewart in it.

If The Boss, George Steinbrenner, were around, this would not even be a question.  A claim would be in and #7 would be a Yankee.  Of course he would not be wearing that number in Yankee pin stripes (retired for Mickey Mantle).  But, like Mantle, he would be yanking home runs from the left side and posing a significant threat to any opposing pitcher.

The only show stopper at this point has to be that the now boring Steinbrenners, Hal and Hank, don’t have the flowing fountain pen that the win-at-all-cost patriarch had when it came to the pinstriped checkbook.  It is this foreign fiscal responsibility that will most likely take the ink out of the head line, “Joe Mauer to Yankees“.

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