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Joey Votto Inches Ever Closer to GABP

Joey Votto has spent the last couple or so days in Dayton working on his, hopefully, last stage of rehab before he makes his presence known again for the Cincinnati Reds.  As of this morning, Votto had 5 plate appearances in Dayton accumulating 1 hit and 2 walks.  There has been minimal work in the field for Votto; nothing really out of the ordinary.  He isn’t running at full speed and certainly hasn’t tried to slide, but he is slowly inching his way back.

Votto said of his play while in Dayton, “I was holding back.  I’ve still got a bit to go, but I feel like I made a lot of progress today.”

If you’ve been paying attention, Votto has said before that he will not return to the Reds until he can go 100%.  He said it would not be fair to the team or himself to rush things.  When asked if he was ready to return, Votto said, “I don’t know.  Hopefully the recovery speeds up and I’m ready for this weekend, but who knows?”

However for team officials and fans, there is still hope that Joey Votto will be available for action with the big club on Saturday in Houston.  As the Reds start a weekend series with the very lowly, just playing out the season, Houston Astros on Friday.

Votto has been out of the lineup since July 15th.  Since then, he has had two procedures on his knee.  It was hoped that he would be out only 4 weeks.  That hope has turned into 5 and counting.  However, the Reds haven’t really, dare I say, missed Votto that much.  All they have done is go from a 1 game lead in the Central Division to an 8 game lead.  But the Reds just aren’t the Reds without their proven leader, Joey Votto.