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New York Mets Get Chance To Evaluate Talent As Rosters Expand

That time of year has come when the traditional September 1st roster expansions are upon MLB.  Talk around the league among current GMs and managers is not necessarily in favor of the moves, but nobody can come to an agreement on how to change this annual nuisance.  For some teams like the New York Mets, it will be nothing more than an evaluation process to see the talent they have for 2013.  Other teams in playoff races find it bothersome as opponents have an influx of pinch-hitters and bullpen arms to counteract strategy as the playoffs loom.

Either way, it is a tradition that will stand and each team has a choice whether to expand the roster or keep it as it stands.  For the Mets, we already know that the pitching in the organization is better beyond belief, and the expansion allows them to rest some bullpen arms as the season closes.  The main concern for the Mets should be the play of their outfielders, catchers and possibly infielders going into 2013.

Some players I see as being optioned up are:

Pitchers: Colin McHugh, Jenrry Mejia, Elvin Ramirez, C.J. Nitkowski
Infielders: Brad Eamus, Jordanny Valdespin
Catcher: Mike Nickeas
Outfielders: Matt Den Decker

With Colin McHugh already with the club, and not many outfielders worth a good look, this list will most likely be pretty thin except for relievers.  The Mets Minor league system has a few gems in it, but there is an overabundance in two areas and they need to make some deals to even out the playing field, so to speak.  Pitching seems to be the wealthiest area and all teams will be watching the players that the Mets will showcase this September.We already know what Valdespin and Nickeas are, but it will be interesting to see if Den Dekker is called up and if he can produce in the majors since he wasn’t in Buffalo.


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