The Boston Red Sox Are In A State Of Disarray

By Carl Conrad

The Boston Red Sox are clearly in a state of disarray.  In the midst of doing a great deal of house cleaning, it is beginning to appear as if the team has forgotten the MLB season has not ended just yet.  Granted, the Red Sox are going to have an extended offseason since they are certainly not making the playoffs, but there are still a few games left to be played.

Boston is 3-7 in their last 10 games, 9-16 in the month of August and has lost 4 in a row en route to a record of 62-71 that has them 14 games back in the division and 12 games out for the wildcard.  That record includes a 20-2 drubbing at the hands of the Oakland Athletics, which was the worst loss for the Red Sox since they were handled by the New York Yankees in June of 2000.

Basically everything that could go wrong for Boston this year, has done just that.  Dissention in the locker room between the manager and established, well liked veterans has been prevalent all season long.  Somewhat surprisingly, many of the players that butted heads the most with head coach Bobby Valentine are no longer with the team.  Injuries have been one reason for a great deal of turnover on the roster, but the team has also traded away some of its star power so as to shed over $260 million in contracts.  Oh, yeah, you can add the fact that former beloved catcher Jason Varitek now has his name being thrown around as the man to replace Valentine as the team’s skipper after the end of the season.

A season like this would cause anyone to pound a few beers in the clubhouse on their off day.  


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