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MLB Rumors: The Angels Might Let Zack Greinke Go?

The Los Angeles Angels traded a decent package to get Zack Greinke from the Milwaukee Brewers. With the trade, they believed that their rotation of Jered Weaver, Greinke, Dan Haren, and CJ Wilson would get them to the postseason and beyond. Well, Zack Greinke hasn’t exactly been lights out for the Angels, and that could be making the Angels think twice about giving him the big contract Greinke could get this offseason.

I believe Greinke will attract a 6 year deal worth 120 million on the open market. Right, wrong, or in-different- you want premium pitching? You have to pay the big money. Throw in the fact this years free agent market is incredibly shallow, and I think you have a market of open bidders that will drive up the price for Greinke quite a bit.

If I were the Angels, I don’t know if I sign him to that kind of contract. They spent so much money on Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson, and neither have been spectacular this year. They do lose Torii Hunter’s big deal- but keep in mind- they eventually will have to pay that guy named Mike Trout so I think it would be incredibly risky and a huge payroll addition to add Greinke after NOT pitching very well.

IF the Angels do decide to let him walk, they have the flexibility to do other things this offseason, such as improving the bullpen.

You would think that takes priority.

We’ll see what the Angels want to do, but I think a ton of MLB Rumors will be circling around the Angels letting Greinke walk this winter. Regardless, we’ll continue to update you on all the possibilities on