MLB Rumors: Will The New York Mets Extend David Wright Past 2013?

By Bryan Lutz

The New York Mets were one of the better stories during the first half of the MLB season, proving the doubters (like myself) wrong with a winning record. But in typical Met fashion, they imploded in the second half of the season, most notably after Johan Santana threw the franchise’s first no-hitter in their fifty-year history.

Needless to say, the Mets are in a tough position for the present and the future, especially after 2013 when their franchise cornerstone David Wright will be a free agent. The Mets have a $16 million option for Wright, an option that is definitely going to be exercised due to the fact the Mets only have $54 million guaranteed payroll next season. For this reason alone, there are MLB rumors spreading about a possible Wright contract extension past this season, but is he worth it?

First off, let’s look at this economically. As I just stated, the Mets only have $54 million locked in for next year, with Johan Santana literally covering half of that with his $25.5 million salary. After Santana, there is Jason Bay, who will make $18 million dollars for giving the Mets absolutely zero production (what a life). And then there is Wright, who we can eliminate the $1 million buyout and add in the the $16 million to the $53 million, since Wright’s $1 million is a part of the $54 million. Ok, that’s a lot of numbers so I’ll just get to my point now.

After 2013, the Mets have $13 million guaranteed. $13 million! That’s it! Santana and Bay will be gone, and even if you give Wright Ryan Zimmerman type money, that gives the Mets a guaranteed payroll of around $33 million. So economically, it makes a whole lot of sense to lock up Wright long-term because there’s nothing holding them back in the future.

I just question if Wright is actually worth it from a baseball standpoint.

This season, Wright has been nothing short of fantastic, there’s no debate about his contributions this season. His .311/.402/.501/.903 slash-line is impressive at any position in any stadium, let alone third base and playing in the cavernous Citi Field. And his 6.5. fWAR is better than his last two seasons combined. But it’s hard for me to forget his last two seasons even though this one has been so solid.

Wright turns 30 in December, so he’s still relatively young. If I was Sandy Alderson, I wait to see how Wright plays midway through 2013. If he is still producing at the level he is now,  then there’s absolutely no reason not to re-sign him, unless they want to just tank for a decade. Wright is the face of the Mets, he wants to be a Met, and it makes sense financially.

Congratulations, David Wright. You will be a very rich man if the world doesn’t end in 2012.

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