What to do, oh what to do with those darn Mets

By Joseph Wolkin

What’s there to say about the Mets this season? They have stints which makes them look like a playoff contender, but then out of nowhere they go on a losing streak such as they did once the All-Star break was over.

With a payroll of just over $93 million, the Mets have a lot to workout within their organization.

They haven’t won anything but meaningless games over the past two months. There is literally no point of them taking the field anymore as they simply waste each other’s time. The one bright spot the Mets have, a bunch of prospects making their way up through the minors attempting to be the next David Wright or Johan Santana.

This off-season, the Mets must make numerous changes if they want to be contenders in 2013 when they host the All-Star game.

Their catchers have been mediocre this year before they acquired Kelly Shoppach from Boston. It would be wise for them to resign Shoppach who is hitting over .300 with three home runs in 11 games with the team which is more than Josh Thole, Mike Nickeas, and Rob Johnson hit in a combined 124 games. If they choose not to resign Shoppach, they might as well sign a big free agent this off-season. A good fit could be Mike Napoli or A.J. Pierzynski who can each generate power as the Mets have lacked just that over the past few years.

The next position the Mets need to work on is Second Base. Daniel Murphy has proven to become a man that hits for average since he took over the role at 2B once the Mets finally dumped Luis Castillo. Murphy has a one year deal with the team and should re-sign with the organization over the off-season if they choose to stay with the fan favorite. Their only other option is to get a top free agent with some power which will be unlikely with the Wilpon’s owning the team.

A brand new outfield would be perfect for the Mets. Trading Andres Torres for a player such as Delmon Young or Cody Ross. Getting rid of Jason Bay would be a good thing too. But, they should wait until spring training to make that decision, he may just become a productive player for the first time since joining the team.

Pitching has been decent for the Mets this year. The starters have been erratic throughout the course of time. R.A. Dickey and Jonathon Niese have been the most reliable pitchers on the team and R.A. is on track to win a Cy Young award with two or three more quality starts.

The rotation next season will likely be Santana, Dickey, Niese, Dillon Gee, and Matt Harvey with the team dumping the contract of the aging Chris Young.

Lastly, the Mets need to turn around their bullpen. Jon Rauch started out slow but eventually picked things up with a 2.98 ERA after 61 games. Bobby Parnell could easily make a better closer than Frank Francisco as they should be getting rid of his 5.63 ERA once the season comes to a close. If they want to get better, they can’t have a Closer with an ERA higher than the amount of players in the infield.

The Mets have plenty to work on throughout the off-season as the team continues to disappoint fans throughout the area. The one bright spot for them is, they will probably re-sign David Wright and R.A. Dickey even though no one knows how he will do in a few years with that Knuckleball.

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