Mets Should Trade R.A. Dickey...What are People Thinking?

By Craig Moir

The New York Mets today did something that they have not done in 22 years: send a pitcher to the mound to claim his 18th win of the season.  Just think about that, Mets fans.  Do you even understand the supposed quality of pitching that has come through this organization in 22 years? Twenty two years of seeing the likes of David Cone, Dwight Gooden, Sid Fernandez, Ron Darling, Brett Saberhagen, Tom Glavine, Mike Hampton, Al Leiter, Johan Santana, on and on and on.

It took a special knuckleballer that has not won 18 games over the past seven years to find his rhythm on the top of Kilimanjaro to finally break that horrendous streak of mediocrity.  R.A. Dickey is special all right.  And if the Mets do not find some way to keep him around for the next three years at a minimum, then they are fools. Dickey has the most wins in the majors and has a legitimate shot at the triple crown for pitchers this year in wins, ERA and strikeouts.  How anyone can say that the Mets should trade Dickey now while his stock is high must not know the pitiful Mets history.

Dickey has become the Mets fan’s beacon of hope.  A symbol that tells them that there really is a possibility to believe, year in and year out.  Dickey will make sure that he is ready for the next couple years, even if he has to take a yearly trip to Kilimanjaro and swim across the Mississippi a few more times. The Mets need Dickey, just as surely as Dickey needed the Mets two years ago.  Sandy Alderson needs to find some way to reward Dickey for the incredible season he has had.

Gooden and Frank Viola won 19 and 20 games, respectively, in 1990.  The way this franchise has gone, it might be another 22 years to see another 18 game winner.  But the stark reality is that by giving up on Dickey, you basically eliminate all opportunity over the next three years until Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler or any other pitcher develops.  Dickey should be the only un-tradeable option for the Mets and if you are one of the “fans” that is calling for Dickey to bring us outfield options in the offseason, then I question your faith in your team.

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