MLB Trade Rumors: Dan Haren On The Tigers Radar?

By gilgerard

Dan Haren is a name that I believe will come up quite a bit this winter when you talk about players being available on the trade market. The Detroit Tigers is a team that I personally believe could be VERY interested in his services. Dan Haren has been one of the most steady right handers throughout the course of his career. He’s been an all star, and has been a staple for the Oakland A’s, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Los Angeles Angels. The Tigers are always a team that comes up in my head simply because I believe they need a strong number 2 behind Justin Verlander if they want to contend for championships.

What would it take to get Dan Haren? I believe a deal centered around Rick Porcello could in fact get it done. Look- Porcello is still VERY young, but let’s keep in mind- he’s been in the bigs for a few years now. He hasn’t exactly gotten better over that time frame, and it doesn’t make sense to hold onto Porcello if you can get a guy like Haren. That’s a serious upgrade, and gives the Tigers one heck of trio at the top of the rotation. Would you want to hit against Verlander, Haren, and Max Scherzer in a 5 game series? Yeah- I’ll pass on that one.

You might ask why Dan Haren might be traded? Simple. The Angels want to resign Zack Greinke, and I don’t think they’ll be able to afford it with Haren on the payroll. Haren is also coming off a bad 2012 campaign, has been banged up a little bit, so it’s not crazy to think they’ll want to trade him just in case he never returns to being Dan Haren of old.

Let’s make this easy. Rick Porcello, Brenny Paulino, and Avisail Garcia for Haren. The Angels get 2 young right handers, one with big league experience, and the Tigers get an upper rotational pitcher for a VERY good price in a bad free agent market. This makes the Tigers WAY better, and the Angels now have some flexibility to bring Zack Greinke back.

I don’t know if this will or won’t go down, but I like the looks of the trade for both teams. We’ll see where the winter takes us, but you can be sure that we’ll cover all your MLB Trade Rumors on

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