MLB Trade Rumors: Will Dan Haren Be On The Trade Block This Winter?

By gilgerard

Dan Haren has been a very good starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels throughout his career as an Angel. This year, Haren has been battling some back problems and hasn’t pitched like the Dan Haren we’re used to seeing, and that could force Haren on the trade block this winter. MLB Trade Rumors are certain to come up for Haren as I can see many teams wanting his services. What could make things a little murkier, however, is that the Angels have Zack Greinke, and they have been rumored to want him back- despite payroll concerns.

Dan Haren could likely fetch a decent haul for the Angles, as they crushed their farm system in the trade for Greinke. If the Angels could get something for him, why not take a shot at putting him on the market and seeing what the interest is? With the free agent market being VERY diluted, especially for pitchers, guys like Haren and Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox are going to be very much talked about by every major blog, wesbite, and TV station this winter.

Would I trade Dan Haren? The answer to that question is yes ONLY if I’m resigning Greinke. I don’t know if I’d be as willing if I were losing Greinke, but if the price were right? Absolutely.

It would take at least 1 top 5 prospect from a team to get Haren, as I don’t think the Angels will give him away.

Either way, it’ll be fun to see what kinds of names are being thrown around this winter, and Dan Haren should be very much in the mix. We’ll continue to cover all your MLB Trade Rumors on

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