Benches Clear During The Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals Game After Bryce Harper Was Thrown At Intentionally

By Bryan Lutz

You know what we haven’t seen in a while? A good old fashion bench clearing brawl. Well, we got a little taste of it during the Chicago Cubs VS. Washington Nationals game tonight. Ironically, it all started with the coaching staffs of each teams, not the players.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Nationals third base coach Bo Porter left his coaching box and started yapping into the Cubs’ dugout, singling out bench coach Jamie Quirk. The Nationals were up 7-2 at the time, and apparently broke the unwritten rules of stealing some bases when they hard a large lead. Ergo, Quick was a little ticked off. Porter, however, wasn’t stepping down from the fight, jawing with Quirk as he walked towards the Cubs dugout as you can see below.

After that whole ordeal was settled, the Nationals came to bat again in the sixth inning. By fate, Bryce Harper was the first batter of the inning. Harper – who has already been the center of attention from an intentional hit by pitch from Cole Hamels earlier this season – was on the receiving end of retaliation again. Cubs reliever Lendy Castillo threw well inside on Harper, causing all heck to break loose.

Harper contemplating charging the mound, only to be held back by catcher Steve Clevenger. However, as you can see, that was just the beginning of it. Benches cleared, aggresive shoves were delieved, Michael Morse went a little red-Ross, and then order was finally restored, with Bryce Harper going down on strikes later in the at-bat.

Personally, I think it’s beyond moronic for the Nationals to sink to this level against the Cubs in the middle of a pennant race, but boys will be boys.

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