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Brandon McCarthy Has Surgery For an Epidural Hemorrhage, Resting Comfortably

Sixty feet and six inches isn’t very far away, especially when a baseball can travel as fast as 105 MPH off the bat. Oakland A’s ace Brandon McCarthy found out first hand how scary that situation can be, getting hit in the head from a batted ball by Los Angeles Angels shortstop Erick Aybar. 

If you missed the what happened, you can check out Riley Schmitt’s article here. McCarthy – who is easily one of the best follows on Twitter – will be sorely missed by the A’s during their playoff push this September. When healthy, McCarthy has all the tools to be an ace for a staff, as he proved last season when he lead all of baseball in FIP (a better pitching statistic than ERA).

The A’s will lean heavily on the left arm of Brett Anderson, who has been lights out since he returned from the DL after Tommy John surgery last year, going 3-0 in three starts. If you want all the details on the injury, you can read this press release the A’s gave on McCarthy’s condition:

Brandon McCarthy, the A’s pitcher who was struck on the right side of his head with a batted ball during yesterday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, underwent surgery last night at a Bay Area hospital. McCarthy, 29, is alert, awake and resting comfortably, and has shown signs of improvement today.

After the incident occurred in the fourth inning yesterday, the A’s pitcher was taken to Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, where a CT Scan revealed an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture. Later in the evening, he was transferred to a nearby hospital, where a neurosurgeon performed a second CT scan and clinical examination, and surgery was recommended to relieve pressure from McCarthy’s head.

The two-hour surgery was performed at approximately 9 p.m., with the procedure including the evacuation of an epidural hemorrhage and stabilization of the skull fracture. Another CT Scan taken at 12:30 p.m. today demonstrated improvement from his previous scan, and the epidural hemorrhage had subsided. McCarthy is currently resting in the critical care unit of the hospital.

“Our first concern is Brandon’s health, and we are heartened to learn he has shown progress in his recovery after surgery,” said Billy Beane, the A’s vice president and general manager. “We are glad to report he is stable, awake and alert. The team will provide further updates as they become available in the coming days. We would ask members of the media to respect the privacy of Brandon and his family during this time. As we travel to Seattle today, Brandon remains in everyone’s thoughts as we wish him a speedy recovery.”

It’s good to know Brandon will be fine and make a speedy recovery. Obviously, there is no timetable for McCarthy’s return, but it’s probably safe to say he won’t pitch again until 2013.

Get well, Brandon. My Twitter feed will miss you for the time being.

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