MLB Rumors: John Farrell Is On Top of the Boston Red Sox Wish List

By Bryan Lutz

It’s not a question of if Bobby Valentine will be fired as manager of the Boston Red Sox, but rather when the struggling skipper will be kicked to the curb. The whole entire Red Sox organization is resembling a dumpster fire of sorts recently, with the team playing terrible baseball and Valentine threatening people via the radio airwaves. So it comes as no surprise there are MLB rumors spreading about the future manager of the Red Sox, most notably former pitching coach and current Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell.

It is rumored that not only the Red Sox want Farrell, but he would love to come back to the organization. Obviously, Farrell can’t comment candidly about his potential return; he is still employed by the Blue Jays.

This rumor makes a whole lot of sense for both parties involved. Farrell – unlike Valentine – is familar with the Boston clubhouse and sports scene. Although a lot of the players are gone from the last time Farrell was there, his presence will still be a positive for everyone involved.

Considering Farrell is under contract for 2013, the Red Sox couldn’t simply hire him from Toronto at no cost. Similar to what happened with the Chicago White Sox and Ozzie Guillen, the Red Sox would have to give the Blue Jays some sort of compensation for Farrell to join the club. We all remember how much of a headache the Theo Epstein compensation was, and Farrell wouldn’t be any different.

I’m sure this is the first of many Red Sox rumors to come, so stay tuned.

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