MLB Standings: Fate of the Chicago White Sox Will Be Decided By Next Thursday

By Bryan Lutz

As they said in the movie Animal House, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Unfortunately, the Chicago White Sox really haven’t lived up to this adage this season. When the going has gotten tough for the Sox – such as the six games in Detroit – they folded like a cheap suit, losing all six games. However, if we look at the MLB standings, the Sox still remain in first place by one game, relying on other teams to defeat the Detroit Tigers. But this week is make or break time for the White Sox, playing seven games at home against the only two teams that have swept them this season.

For some reason unknown to me, the Kansas City Royals have completely owned the White Sox in the past month, winning five of the last six games against the Palehose. What is really unfortunate about the series that starts tomorrow is the same three pitchers that have pitched in the previous two series are going again for Kansas City. Those three pitchers are Luis Mendoza, Bruce “Cy” Chen, and Jeremy Guthrie. 

The last time the Sox saw these three pitches, they swept them at Kauffman Stadium in convincing fashion. So convincing, in fact, Guthrie took a no-hitter into the seventh inning, losing it on a Paul Konerko infield single. This time, however, I’m feeling pretty confident against the underwhelming trio. As the saying goes — third time’s a charm, right? The real positive about this series is the Tigers are taking on the Los Angeles Angels, who have remembered they are a pretty good baseball team.

After the Kansas City series, it’s the series the fans have all been waiting for since early June. The four-game set against those pesky Tigers at the friend confines of US Cellular Field. This series – unlike the Detroit ones – I’m actually confident about. At worst, I think the White Sox will split the series, which is basically all they need to do to make me happy.

Seemingly all season, the Sox have come up huge in big series at home, and I don’t see anything changing here. The only frightening thing about the series is the pitching matchups that completely favor Detroit. But as Ric Flair said one hundred thousand times – – in order to be the man, you got to beat the man! WOO!!!

The White Sox have to do exactly that. They have to beat the Detroit Tigers to win the American League Central division. If they lose three of four or even get swept, they honestly don’t even deserve it.

So as the Hawkaroo would say – – sit back, relax, and strap it down, because the next seven days are going to be intense.

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