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New York Mets Need To Send a Message and Wear Agency Hats On September 11

Bud Selig, the czar of MLB has “allowed” the New York Mets to wear first responder agency hats during batting practice and the national anthem before the September 11th game against the Washington Nationals.  The key word in that initial sentence being “allowed”. Selig needs to take a step back and understand the importance of the tribute in the city of New York and this country.

Jeff Wilpon came out and thanked Selig, Joe Torre and MLB for “their support of honoring these agencies for their heroic actions that day.”  You’ve got to be kidding me.

Selig would not “support” the tribute in 2011, when the Mets refused to listen and wore the hats anyway, drawing a fine from the league offices.  Selig did not “support” the tribute last year on the 10th anniversary of the most horrific attack on this countries soil, and Selig sure as heck does not “support” the tribute this year either.

The Mets need to go back to their roots as they did on Sept. 21, 2001 and stand up to the big bad Selig and his crony. Torre, and accept the fine once again.

I remember watching the Twin Towers as they billowed smoke and fell to the ground, and the lives that were lost.  I also remember how proud I was of a Mets organization that realized there are bigger and more important things than the game of baseball.  This country has been protected by those men and women that respond to danger day in and day out, and it should be an honor for MLB to allow the players to wear their symbolic caps, just as it is for the fans to wear the caps of their favorite teams.

Bud Selig should change the rule to allow agency hats for all teams that want to honor those heroes from that day, but he will not do it.  It is Selig’s way or no way,  and it is a shame that there is no fair middle ground.

MetsNotes: Congratulations to R.A.Dickey for inking a three-book deal to write children’s books for Dial Books for Young Readers.  How fitting that one of the books will be called Knuckleball Ned.  This is excellent for Dickey as he has risen to the top of the MLB spectrum with an outstanding season and now has a path for life after baseball.


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