Oakland Athletics Starting Pitcher Brandon McCarthy Has Wife Receive Inappropriate Tweet About His Injury

By Steven Resnick

Two days ago Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy got struck in the head with liner off the bat of Los Angeles Angels short stop Erick Aybar. He ended up suffering a  epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture and as a result he needed surgery.

On Twitter both McCarthy and his wife Amanda are active and received numerous messages of support, yet unfortunately there’s always someone looking for attention. In this case TexasRangers_HQ posted this “hey @Mrs_McCarthy32 I’m sorry about you hubby getting smacked in the head. But it’s twitter! You dumb broad. People will be cruel biatch.”

That tweet came after what one might assume as a link to the video being tweeted to her in which she deleted and expressed what happens if someone did it again.

For A’s fans it would be easy to ignore it and move on except for two things. The first is that he uses the Texas Rangers as part of his twitter name and the second is that there’s a link that directly goes to a blog on MLB.com and even though there’s no association with the MLB franchise to some it looks like it because of the name and the blog.

Amanda did a great job by tweeting this “please don’t have hate for the Rangers for that tweet.. The Rangers front office staff were one of the first ones to call me.” Also, in a previous tweet she stated “for the record I am not upset or even phased by that comment (which can’t be normal). Just wanted to show you how awesome some people are.”

Those awesome people mentioned aren’t going to tolerate someone being disrespectful especially with an injury that’s serious and when it’s all said and done the hope is no more using the name TexasRangers and no more blog on MLB.com!

Update: the blog is no longer up.



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