Today In Broken Toronto Blue Jays: JA Happ's Season Ends With Foot Fracture

By Thom Tsang

Hi there. Is your day missing some Toronto Blue Jays player injury news? Well, let’s see who hasn’t been hurt yet this season…how about JA Happ? Okay, you got it – Happ is now out for the rest of the season with a broken foot.


On the eve of the Blue Jays finally starting to be able to shed some of its AAA players (with JP Arencibia and Brett Lawrie both due to return to action later tonight), the team has lost one of its recent bright spots in the rotation. Happ will miss at least 4 months of action with the fracture, an injury with an origin that the team isn’t really quite sure of:

Right then. It seems that the injuries are coming to quickly nowadays that the team’s doctors may have just decided to forgo trying to figure out why it happened, and just resign to the fact that someone on the team is bound to get hurt every few days. Happ was due to start tomorrow, and will be replaced in the rotation by Aaron Laffey, who was actually due to rejoin the rotation next week anyway when the team moved to a 6-man rotation to close out the season. Happ will become the 10th different Blue Jays pitcher to land on the DL this season, and had been finding some success since being moved to the starting rotation, posting a 3.72 ERA and 1.14 WHIP over his 5 starts (29 IP), combined with a solid 3.04 K/BB (10.55 K/9). He is expected to be ready for spring training next season, when he’ll more than likely head into camp with a rotation spot secured.

Meanwhile, the Blue Jays will continue to limp (both figuratively and literally, I suppose) towards the end of this cruel joke of a season. It’s uncertain what the loss of Happ will mean to the potential 6-man rotation that is to be in play starting next week to give pitchers like Ricky Romero a bit more rest between starts, but I would guess that the team will be happy to settle with having enough healthy pitchers to close out the rest of the season at this point.

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