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MLB Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Nation Humiliated by 2012 MLB Season

The Boston Red Sox have humiliated Red Sox Nation. It has been a horrible 2012 MLB season for devoted Red Sox fans. Yes, the players are to blame. (At least partly.) That cannot be denied. But what is the real problem? Can we simply blame just the players? I don’t think so.

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has been an embarrassment, a joke and a nutty buffoon. That cannot be denied. He has alienated players by demeaning them. But the entire miserable 2012 Red Sox season cannot be solely blamed on Valentine. There are others to consider.

GM Ben Cherington has been ineffectual. It’s hard to say what he does. It’s true that he made that mega trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers. But that was after the ship had already sunk.

I certainly think that owners John Henry and Tom Werner must shoulder much of the responsibility. Talk about not being aware? I mean, if these guys were on the Titanic, they’d be in the smoking room knee deep in water with Henry saying to Werner, “Tom, my feet feel a little damp and cold. Do yours?” These two guys are leading candidates for “Embarrassing Sports Franchise Owners of 2012.” Let’s face it they are a direct link to the 2011 season when things started to fall apart.

Finally, and I believe this guy is a major part of the problem, Red Sox CEO and President Larry Lucchino must take responsibility for this season’s fiasco. Lucchino is also a direct link to the troubled 2011 season and he’s responsible for hiring Valentine and Cherington.

Remember when Theo Epstein quit as GM many years ago due to the fact that Lucchino would not let him be in charge? Eventually, Epstein won the fight and Henry and Werner coaxed him and he came back to the Red Sox.

So Red Sox Nation, I believe is there’s anyone to blame it is Lucchino and I think he needs to go now. Unfortunately, Henry and Werner won’t fire him. What will be the result? If they fire Cherington and Valentine, Lucchino will select another puppet GM and Lucchino will make all of the major decisions including hiring the new manager. Which means chances are the 2013 MLB season won’t be much better than the 2012.