If All Goes According to Plan, the Philadelphia Phillies Could Be Just Five Games Back in the Wild Card Hunt By End of Tomorrow

The Philadelphia Phillies spent most of 2012 in last place before working their way up to fourth place and eventually third place, and now they actually have a slim chance at making the playoffs.

The Phillies are 6.5 games back of the second wild card hunt after the St. Louis Cardinals’ loss to the Milwaukee Brewers tonight, and they’ve still got themselves a fighting chance. The Phillies play a doubleheader against the fifth-place Colorado Rockies tomorrow due to tonight’s rainout, while the Cardinals finish up a series with the Brewers, a team that has already beat the Cardinals in two straight.

The Phillies desperately need to win both games to keep themselves as close as possible in the race. Five games back with 22 to go is not a goal that can’t be reached, especially considering the 2007 club overcame a seven-game deficit to the New York Mets with just 17 to play.

The Phillies have an immensely talented team with Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels in the rotation, and they’ve won 13 of their past 20 games and 18 of their past 30. They seem to have found their groove, but the problem is that they need to play .750 ball or so from here on out, maybe even better.

It’s an extremely difficult task to pull off, but as history shows, it’s not impossible. And if tomorrow goes according to plan, the Phillies are in a much better position.

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  • Jay

    I’ve been following the Phillies all year long and the emergence of Kratz, with the additiosn of Utley and Howard off the disabled list show us why this team is a playoff contender, not to mention a rotation of Lee, Hamels, and Halladay, plus Kendrick actually shocking us and Cloyd going 15-1 in the minors. We have a chance and it’s possible!