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MLB Rumors: Is Kevin Frandsen a Viable Option for the Philadelphia Phillies as the 2013 Everyday Third Baseman?

The Philadelphia Phillies won’t be bringing back Placido Polanco for the 2013 season as his three-year deal with the club expires after the year.

They don’t really have anyone waiting in the minor leagues to take over for next season which means the Phillies have to either look outside the organization or go with a player already on the team. Re-signing Polanco, even to a lesser valued deal, doesn’t make sense because he’s shown he can’t stay healthy consistently and he’s nothing more at this point in his career than a .250 singles hitter who doesn’t draw walks.

Kevin Frandsen has been playing extremely well as the regular over the past month or so, and he currently sports a .336 batting average in 139 plate appearances. That prompts the question of whether Frandsen could perform as an everyday starting third baseman in 2013.

Frandsen is a seven-year major league veteran who has bounced from the majors to Triple-A and back up to the majors over and over again. He entered 2012 as just a .243 career hitter with a .636 OPS so it’s hard to take his .336 batting average in a small sample size seriously. Frandsen has little power, he doesn’t draw a lot of walks, and he’s a 30-year-old career utility infielder who is capitalizing on a .365 batting average on balls in play this season.

That just doesn’t bode well to 2013, and that’s why the Phillies need to look elsewhere because Frandsen just isn’t the answer.