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Pedro Ciriaco Boston Red Sox Super Utility Man Must Stay

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Pedro Ciriaco (#77) has appeared in 53 games with the Boston Red Sox. For the Red Sox, Ciriaco has found himself playing Center Field (1), Left Field (2), Right Field (2), DH (7), Shortstop (12), Second Base (14) and Third Base (18). He has also been a pinch runner twice and a pinch hitter three times. He’s batting .307, has shown fine speed and is a good fielder. Presently, Ciriaco does not have a contract for next season.

For those who play fantasy baseball he’s sort of a dream come through where value is concerned and for an owner and manager of a real MLB team, he’s a fantasy that’s a reality. Ciriaco can pretty much do anything well and can be a huge asset in a season that’s filled with 162 regular season games and lots of injuries.

The 26-year-old from the Dominican Republic is one of those new glimmers of hope that the Red Sox and their fans need right now. No, Ciriaco is not going to hit 30 homeruns, but he’ll probably hit 30 doubles in Fenway Park and that’s a huge deal where wall ball is the game to master and those who can play it are extremely valuable.

Ciriaco has been especially effective against the New York Yankees this season. In his first seven games against the Yankees in 2012, Ciriaco notched seven RBI, three doubles, and nine runs. He’s the type of player who can turn bad pitches into hits and then steal a base or two to get into scoring position. He’s proven to be a solid leadoff hitter.

Does he look this good because the Red Sox are so bad? He played for a pretty bad team in the NL, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and didn’t shine then like he is now. Of course with Boston he has received a lot more playing time due to injuries and the big trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Whatever the case may be this guy is worth a contract. He’s really a fun player to watch and I think if he continues to be given chances, he will perform well and improve.

Ciriaco is one of the few fine surprises in a Red Sox season that has offered so many disappointments. His versatility and skills alone make him a major asset in a game that is filled with specialists. I’m hoping he’s a Red Sox next season.

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