Philadelphia Phillies Third Baseman Kevin Frandsen Will Play Through Stress Fracture in Ankle

By Bryn Swartz

Third baseman Kevin Frandsen has been one of the biggest surprise stories for the 2012 Philadelphia Phillies, but his success has hit a roadblock as the 30-year old has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his left ankle.

Frandsen has rested for the last three games and assistant general manager Scott Proefrock said that he plans to rest Frandsen rest for the remainder of the series against the Colorado Rockies.

“He’s out, he’s hurt,” Manuel said. “We’ll know more about it in two or three days, but, yeah, he’s hurt right now.”

Manuel said the injury was somewhat serious. “Yeah, it can be. I think he’s resting it for a few days and the doctors will look at him and tell me more about him.”

The Phillies have been starting Michael Martinez at third base in place of Frandsen. Martinez has a batting average about 200 points lower than Frandsen.

Frandsen is hitting .336 with one home run and eight RBIs in 128 at bats. He’s played well enough that manager Charlie Manuel gave the starting job at third base to Frandsen even when Placido Polanco returned him the disabled list.

Polanco is actually back on the DL though, and he likely won’t play again for the remainder of the season. So the Phillies may need Frandsen to tough it out, unless they want to play Martinez, the worst hitter in baseball, or veteran Ty Wigginton, a solid hitter but an awful fielder.

The Phillies are seven games back in the wild-card race with 24 games to go.

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