The Kansas City Royals Should Call Up Wil Myers

By johnczech

The Kansas City Royals have had a lot of young new faces come up from their farm system in the last two years. Eric Hosmer, Danny Duffy, Mike Moustakas, are just a few of the bigger prospects the Royals have called up to help turn the franchise around.

Wil Myers is another big name in the Royals farm system. The 21-year-old Myers was a third round pick of the Royals in the 2009 draft. Since being drafted Myers has put up great numbers at the minor league level.

Myers has spent nearly three years floating around the minors. In that time span he has put up some monster numbers. No year as being as impressive this past season. Between Double-A and Triple-A, Myers has put up a .314/.387/.600 slash line, but has clubbed out 37 home runs and drove in 109 RBIs. The Royals need to give this stud a chance at the MLB.

Right now the Royals sit in third place in the AL Central. Well out of the playoff race, now is the time to give young players who will be on the roster in the near future a chance to show what they can do.

What chance is better than now to give Myers a shot to see what he can do at the major league level? It would give Myers three weeks of consistent at bats, and give the Royals a chance to see if the way he has been tearing up the minors leagues, he can do in the majors.

The Royals are not in a playoff chase, so if Myers were to struggles, it would not affect the Royals in any way because of their current record.

There is a great chance  that Myers will be on the Opening Day roster in 2013. Going on 22-years-old, and with nothing left to accomplish at the minor league level, this is the time the Royals should give one of their biggest prospects a test run at the MLB.

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